Thursday, August 6, 2015

Talking beanballs and pennant races with the Famous Jonah Keri

Yesterday I had a very entertaining discussion with's Jonah Keri. We talked about throwing at batters and what the answer is to protecting hitters like Andrew McCutchen. Deciding the appropriate punishment for repeat offenders was more difficult, but I think Jonah came up with a good one. We then had a lengthy discussion about the pennant races focusing on the question, "Are the Cardinals really this good?" Spoiler Alert: No.


  1. I heard the conversation about suspending Managers. How about a penalty for the owners? Would the Patriots have had a second scandal if Robert Kraft would have been prohibited from attending any games the year after Spygate? I understand this is unrealistic as the owners pay the Commissioner's salary, but this all really starts at the top. If the owners made it clear that intentionally throwing at hitters would not be tolerated, it wouldn't happen except by accident. Another off the wall idea: If a player gets plunked, the first batter to appear after that half inning would be the Manager. Clint, better start taking some BP (and some agility drills). Sorry, just having fun with this.

  2. How bout giving a hit batter two bases?

  3. Now that's an excellent idea. That's a much stiffer penalty that would make a pitcher take more care. Makes more sense than mine, but not as much fun as seeing Clint or Bryan Price have to bat.